The way we give birth

impacts the way we live,

love and parent.

Accessing your inner strength and power is essential to give birth the way you want to, in today’s cultural climate. And sadly, it’s needed well before you are actually giving birth.

I can help you;


Reconnect with your strength

Realign any self sabotage programs

ReAwaken whole hearted intentions…

Gift yourself with an ‘in-the-body’ experience of being conceived, gestated and born in love and ecstasy.

So that you can give that to your self and your baby, and give birth the way you want to.


Explore your own entry to life, the births of your children,

and our collective relationship to birth.


This inner work is about exploring the underbelly, rewriting your story, and preparing for birth, on the inside…

Online Sessions & Packages


Access and cultivate states of Being that will best serve you in creating the experience of birth, that you know in your bones is possible.

 Investment – from AU $249

Private Retreat


1, 2 or up to 6 day long retreats

Lots of sessions, or lots of time to chill and integrate the work we do…

Email support
Supplementary materials of books, audios, videos tailored to your needs/interests

Common outcomes are;
* Empowerment and connection in the body
* Reclaiming and welcoming less familiar aspects of Self
* Oxytocin release

Coast or rolling hills. Deep forest also here, at your service.

Investment – from AU $599



With Ease & Grace Online Course

Transformational inner work – in an ongoing format. 

For people approaching BIRTH, pre conception or already pregnant.

Encouragement and accountability to integrate the work we do together into daily practices

Find & cultivate the strength you need to birth, wherever you choose

Navigate the sometimes rocky terrain of dealing with others & their opinions

* Own your own birth
* Address long standing layers of fear and shame
* Open to all the possibilities
* Get to know the baby that has come to you…  

Begin in your own time, complete at your own pace. ( Live rounds available occasionally)

Investment – AU $297


ReWrite Your Story


An Online Course

Self paced – do it in your own divine timing

6 weeks of material

Private FB group for sharing & discussion

Includes discounted rates for private support

Resource Lists for self study

Investment – AU $297

I also host workshops, sporadically. 

 Next one is;  

Bellingen, NSW, Australia

June 29-30, 2024


March 29th – April 14th, 2024


September 3rd – 6th, 2024

Kisslegg Germany

July 29th – Aug 13th, 2025

HOST a workshop in your town.

Organizational skills required!

 Nicole  is attentive, intuitive, artistic. 

She is busily spreading the love and awareness that birth matters. Writing, workshops, holding space. She is the creative behind Birth Into Being Australia.  Events, videos, writing, retreats, and online birth preparation, all in a days work!

A compulsive communicator (just ask her partner of 20 years. Or her darling teenagers 😉 ), Nicole is happy to talk about why Birth Matters, till the cows come home. 

Often she can be found on the seashore, listening to the sea sigh… Soaking up the sun, in the blue, whilst collecting seaweed, for the garden.

Nicole is a Mother, gardener, performance artist, poet and an outspoken, multi passionate, birth nerd.

Oh, and a Rainbow Chai wallah, and Nappy Free advocate on the side.

I’d be happy to have a short, obligation free conversation