Birth Into Being ~ With Ease and Grace

For Women and Couples approaching Birth

Have you heard, your whole life long, the story of how hard birth can be?

How dangerous, traumatic and absolutely intense?

How excruciatingly painful?

Most of us have.


Maybe you’ve heard that all you need to do is “trust your body”, that it knows what to do.

Oh, and surrender. Ummm. Yep. But HOW?


Maybe you’re secretly terrified? Not only of giving birth, but of all these uncomfortable feelings that are coming up?

Does this sadly sound all too familiar?

It’s possible you’re having;

  • Doubts, about your bodies ability to do this.
  • Anxiety, about the need to be assertive (with your partner, doctors, friends, in laws or even your Mum)
  • Fears, of the medical system (like authoritarian doctors, unnecessary surgery or interventions)
  • Do you have a strong physical and emotional response just going to a hospital, even if this is what you’re planning to do for birth?
  • Maybe you’ve had a previous traumatic birth or one that you were not happy with and its all coming up again, even though it’s been years.

If you’ve got stuff coming up about your approaching birth or maybe you don’t actually have much that’s troubling you right now but you’re aware that it can come up in labour, and get in the way of your body doing ‘what it was made to do’. 

Maybe you wanna lighten up your journey in this pregnancy and birth. Looking for some spiritual support, some guidance towards the awesome, ecstatic openings that you see women having, all over facebook.

Maybe you’ve heard some of those stories, and you’re wondering if its possible for you to reach those heights? To have a transformative, expanded, ecstatic experience? That unfolds with ease and grace?

Maybe the idea of all that really appeals, and you’d really like to go there but you’re not sure how? Or how to introduce those concepts to your partner? Or how to help him to get there?

It’s possible you just wanna find a way to connect in, with yourself, your partner, or your baby? Feel a bit more like the beautiful, warm, loving images you see everywhere of pregnancy and birth.



Online, interactive, conscious birth preparation is now available. To guide you to the birth experiences of your dreams.


Birth Into Being ~ with Ease & Grace

I’d love to share what I know about spiritual preparation for birth. I’d love to guide you to a place where you too, have a birth experience that you will remember with joy, for the rest of your life.


I wholeheartedly believe that each one of us has the birth experience that we need. That which sets us up for our own unique parenting journey, and our own unfolding as a woman. I know from my own experience, and that of working with women approaching birth, that the more inner work you do, prior to going into labour, the more satisfied you will be with the outcomes. We all know that birth has its own plans sometimes, and even if you do end up with medical interventions that you are hoping not to have, most likely if you’ve done your inner work, you will be dealing with those changed circumstances and interventions from a much different place inside yourself. You will have found your place of power, so there is alot less chance that these things will happen without your consent. You might feel sorrow or grief but they are very different feelings than the complete disempowerment that women can feel when they were not part of the decision making, or even part of a dialogue around what is happening to their body.

Birth Into Being ~ With Ease & Grace Offers You: 


  • A pathway to bring your baby into life with awareness and conscious intention.

  • Awareness and experiences that nurture and bring about the sacred nature of pregnancy and birth.

  • Belief in your body, belief in yourself. That ‘trust in your body’, that everyone talks about.

  • Understanding and conviction about what you need to do to prepare.

  • The guts (aka chutzpah) required to gather care providers and the team that is just right for you. And to easily say no to those who wanna help, but don’t fit with your ideal scenario.

  • Confidence to step into the unknown that birth (and parenting!) is.

  • Strength and power that you will need in order to give birth, on your own terms, from your own choices, in the manner that you are dreaming of. No matter where or with whom you choose to do it.

  • An embodied experience of birth that you can draw on when you go into labour. Birth as safe, ecstatic, blissful.

  • New imprints of early life that remove obstacles and support safe, serene, expansive and unimpeded physiological birth.

  • A sense of ease and grace as you move through your pregnancy, towards birth.

The unique tools and processes of the Birth Into Being Method are designed to open a birthing woman and/or her partner to their power and potential. Founded by Elena Tonetti Vladimirova, Birth Into Being has its roots in the Russian origins of waterbirth and the black sea birth camps you see in the iconic film, Birth As We Know It.

I myself was blessed with two incredible births, that changed my life trajectory. Not just ‘cos I ended up with two little darlings, but because those experiences filled me up in a way that I could not have imagined beforehand. You can read more about me at the bottom of this page.

Birth Into Being ~ With Ease & Grace

  • Do the course at your own pace, or follow along with a live round.
  • 6 weeks of processes, with weekly reminders, discussion threads, and interaction welcome.
  • Live Rounds have online gatherings once a week, within the facebook group, for Q&A. 
  • A private, closed facebook group of like minded people who are also working with the Birth Into Being Method. Sharing experiences, feedback and ideas around the processes you are doing.

Live Round

6 x Live Calls @ 10:30am AEST

Wednesday mornings

July 1st – Aug 5th

AU $297

For more details please refer to to the FAQ page or drop me an email.


Birth Into Being ~ With Ease & Grace is for you if…

  • You are pregnant, approaching conception, or healing from previous births.
  • You are ready to gift yourself with new imprints of early life that remove inner obstacles and support ecstatic, expansive and unimpeded birth
  • You want greater clarity and understanding of the importance of the primal period, both for yourself and any incoming souls.
  • You are willing to explore your own feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and entry to life experiences. You want to move through your old stories about birth and reframe them.
  • You are ready to heal old pains, patterns and ‘get out of your own way’.
  • You are comfortable doing juicy, profound, powerful, creative and fun processes.
  • You are willing to be kind to yourself, gentle with whatever comes up and seek extra support if you need it. (Private sessions are available for course participants at a discounted rate.)
  • It’s for you if you enjoy learning new things and are willing and ready to create change in your life.
  • You prefer to work through your schtuff in the privacy of your own home.
  • You prefer to do a little bit at a time than a full weekend immersion.
  • You’d like to try this out before committing to the pricier private sessions, in-person or online.
  • You find it tricky to get to workshops. Maybe you live far away or have other children.
  • You enjoy connecting with others over the things that really matter in life, sharing from a space of truth with open hearts and minds. If you are willing to be part of an interested, invigorating, empathic online community.

It’s not for you if…

  • you take medications for anxiety and / or have strong emotional imbalances that make it difficult for you to come back to equilibrium, or feel unsafe in any way, if alone whilst doing this inner work with us via distance.
  • you habitually judge others for their emotional responses or experiences. This is a space where we will be sharing our inner worlds and if you have no time or energy for supporting others as well as receiving, maybe it’s best not to join and have a solo session with me instead. See the website for session packages.
  • you are not ready to make change in your life.
  • Your path of personal and spiritual growth has only very recently opened up.

Still not sure about inner work online?

I am constantly amazed at the connection that is possible in the online space – and how online groups, although sitting singularly behind a computer, can still experience the magic that always occurs when people gather with intention, attention and an interest in inner work and healing of wounds. I am excited to run this course, to share and facilitate in a new way. The Birth Into Being International pod often gathers online, and it is such a remarkable feeling, holding a ‘circle’ that extends all over the world, with numerous time zones etc. Big Magic!

I have devised a unique sign language for the online courses. We can show our support, resonance, or similar experiences with our hand gestures, without needing to speak. In this way, we are all actively participating, even when one person is in dialogue with the facilitator. It brings intimacy and limbic resonance into play, even if we are oceans away from each other.

What if I need more support?

I am happy to offer individual sessions at a discounted rate for course participants. Or, to have an email dialogue about your specific situation or experience. I’d love to be able to share your story or questions within the group, because it is often the case that one person speaks for many.

Advantages Versus Disadvantages

It’s not always easy to get to all the workshops you’d like to, for whatever reason. This online group experience offers something unique and unprecedented in the world of online courses. Such profound inner work, with the facebook group for dialogue throughout the week, as we integrate the content, and explore what is arising in response… It can be as interactive or as private an experience as you like. No one is obliged to share anything with the group, although for many people, sharing is an important part of an experience. We will be co creating as we journey along and I’m more than happy to hear your feedback and suggestions.


The only disadvantage I see to doing this inner work online is the lack of touch. Being a multi sensory approach, touch is an integral part of the Birth Into Being Method. It is interesting to note that even when we touch and move our own bodies, we can invite the release of oxytocin and endorphins, and we will be exploring this within

We are one generation away from peace on earth!
We can heal ourselves and our collective past,
so that future generations will be able to thrive.

Elena Tonetti Vladimirova
Creator of Birth Into Being


If after getting started with the calls & content, you don’t feel that the program is for you, I will happily refund your money and wish you well.
My promise to you;
Love your time with Birth Into Being, or let me know.
I’ll always endeavour to make it right.

Imagination – creating images of possibility –
is the stuff of life and it’s creative evolution,
and part of what our human story is all about.

Joseph Chilton Pearce
Author & Advocate for human & child development

Nicole Moore
Mama, Birth Passionista, Facilitator

About the Author

My life is enmeshed with many others, in community. A seeker from the beginning, I am deeply passionate about conscious evolution, our future as a species, and good living as a spiritual path.

In my life and work, I am aligned with the truth that the way we are born, and experience life in the formative period of life, creates imprints and impacts the way we live.

In workshops, private sessions and online, I explore these imprints and create new ones with people wanting to either develop relationship with, prepare for, or heal from birth.

I am currently conspiring with the universe to create this and other online courses in this wonderful healing modality. I’m hoping to satisfy the requests from all those people who want to do this work from the comfort of their own home, who are not able to make it to a workshop somewhere. I like the idea of reaching more people than I can with in person workshops, and being a bit more sustainable in the way I’m interacting with the world and sharing my gifts.

( Less travel! More time for kids stuff on weekends! )

Please! Reach out with any queries or questions. Don’t be shy, ok?

Are you ready to Birth Into Being ~ Ease & Grace?