Online Sessions 


Frequently Asked Questions  

Thanks for your interest in working with me.     

I look forward to connecting and sharing this inner work together, and honour your commitment to yourself, in initiating this exploration.    

Who is this work for?   

Anyone who has an interest in creating new Birth Imprints. Whilst this site is clearly talking to pregnant women, many people, from all categories can benefit from working with their Birth Imprints.  

You might be a BirthWorker, a health or wellness practitioner, bodyworker, or healer wanting to know more about the early life period. You might work with young families in another capacity. You may be wishing to heal early life trauma, or a seasoned seeker who has tried many other modalities and are looking for something that addresses root causes of your discontent or discomfort. You may be a birth nerd like me who wants to better understand the deep impact our birth has on our Being. There are many applications of the Birth Into Being Method, and I’m happy to explore them with you regardless of all the pregnancy imagery on this site.

To read more about the broader perspectives of Birth Into Being, check out our international site here.  

How does it unfold?  

When you book in, you receive a link to a questionnaire that you send back to me, at least a day before our session.  It is a helpful tool to start the process gestating within us both; giving me some information to start with, without spending too much time on foundational questions within our session.   

What platform do we use?   

I prefer Zoom. If you haven’t used it before, it takes 10 minutes to sign up and log in. Please do so before our session time. There is an App for it if you want to use your phone.  

If you have a strong preference for something else, or are in Australia and want to just use the phone line, that’s fine too.   

How long will the session be?  

Our first session will be a minimum of an hour and a half, but you should allow up to two hours.   

If you allow two and half hours, you’ll have more time for integration (see below). 😉  

Subsequent sessions within packages will be an hour long, unless arranged otherwise.   

Do I need to be alone?  

If you are doing your sessions solo, then it is preferable that you be completely alone.   

If you are doing the sessions with someone else, have clear agreements with your partner/support person about whether they are going to be completely present and undertaking this journey with you.  Having someone entering and leaving the space or doing something else in the same space is not conducive to the work we are undertaking.   

What about my kids? Is it alright if they are around?  

If you have children with you and there is no other option for their care, let’s try and arrange a time when they are sleeping. That way you can be fully present to your own experience.    

What do I need to have organised? 

Perhaps you’d like to create a sacred space by putting a little energy into the room. Maybe lighting a candle, creating a small altar or bringing in some flowers or special objects.  Maybe a picture of yourself as a baby or child.  Anything that suits you, that is non obtrusive and brings some of your intention for this session into the room, and your heart and mind.   

Please set up the room so that there is a comfortable place to lie down, with a light blanket to cover yourself with after the process.   

Have some drinking water, tissues and a journal with you.   

All phones and notifications on the computer (like fb or email) need to be turned off prior to the session.  


Allow plenty of time to integrate.  When we have finished you will be lying down, breathing deeply, and in your own time, coming back from whatever process we go through.  Good to have some soft, relaxing music ready to play, as you may like to journal in this time period, or simply rest.  

Often I will disconnect from the call (with an opportunity to share our experiences and ask any questions later via a quick call or email) so that there is no time pressure to ‘come back’ or to re-engage the rational, thinking mind after doing such inner work.  The more time you give yourself, the better you can bring the experience into your Being. 

Be generous with yourself!

And don’t hesitate to email me with any questions…    




nicole moore