Together we can
harness the concepts
and practices of
and create birth imprints
that will serve you.

Expand your nervous system

Deepen your capacity to be calm in the intensity of birth

Co create experiences that make your birth journey, fun powerful and transformative.

Access and cultivate states of Being that will best serve you in creating the experience of birth, that you know in your bones to be possible.

We will create new pathways from your dreams, spiral around your neurobiology, and move towards your amazing birth.

Our Being has so much influence over our bodies, especially in Birth.

One Off Transformational Taster

A transformative experience on its own.

Connect with your true desires and the strength to make them happen.

Give yourself some attention, love and priority within the family.

Connect with that warrior woman that lives within, now. Not just hope she shows up at your birth.

Giving to yourself, and consciously creating your birth experience, entering your birth with confidence is a gift to everyone in your family.

Happy Mama, happy family!

Investment – AU $249.00

 (Yes, this session comes out of any subsequent packages booked, if you  decide to continue working with me 😉 )

1 month of Exploration & Support as you Prepare for Birth


Enjoy the inner journey of
* Finding empowerment and connection in the body
* Reclaiming and welcoming less familiar aspects of Self
* Oxytocin release

1st session – 90 mins – 2 hours
3 x 1 hr long sessions

Email support

Supplementary materials of books, audios, videos tailored to your needs/interests

Recordings of our sessions / your personalised processes.


Investment – AU $700

Dive Into You – as you prepare for birth


3 months of spiritual & emotional exploration & support
1st session – 2hours
3 x 1 hr long sessions
7 x Weekly calls of 1hr…
Email support
Supplementary materials of books, audios, videos

Transformational inner work – in an ongoing format.
Encouragement and accountability to integrate the work we do together into daily practices
Find & cultivate the strength you need to birth, wherever you choose
Navigate the sometimes rocky terrain of dealing with others & their opinions

Own your own birth
Address long-standing layers of fear and shame
Open to all the possibilities
Get to know the baby that has come to you…


Investment – AU $1499

Practical information



Timezone: Australian Eastern Time



Currency: AUD



Got more questions?



If you prefer in person work,

come visit the Mid North Coast of NSW…

Private Retreats are also available from AU $599

depending on length, & your desire for luxe or homely accommodation.


birth healing bellingen

So beautiful. Thank you so much Nicole! You hold space so beautifully, every interaction I have with You leaves me more Myself. Thank you for helping me to remember Who I Am.
Love, Love, Love!

Anna Siebert

Nicole’s skill and dedication as a holder of sacred space is remarkable. I can say without hesitation that with her you are in safe hands. The respect and reverence she brings to this revolutionary work is outstanding and I rejoice that people are able to spend time with her healing, growing and appreciating the depth, wonder and magnificence of being human.

Rachana Shivam
Spiritual Midwife, Author of Lotus Birth

Our session put me in touch with my connectedness. I value this primal place within that knows what I need, that doesn’t doubt what’s possible, and that is pure potentiality. Thank you for this beautiful experience and your skilled facilitation. I would recommend Skype with you, to anyone drawn to this work.


A profound, revelatory, and incredibly fun experience. I came away from the weekend with an entirely unexpected sense of my capacity as a birthing mother and as a woman.

My second child was born in four hours, without intervention, or pain, or fear – it was the most empowering experience of my life and there is no doubt in my mind that Nicole ‘s work delivered this gift. She is a wise, generous, gifted healer and the world is blessed to have her in attendance. “

Shelley Birse – Bellingen

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