Welcome to Conscious Conception with Birth Into Being!

I’m so happy to share my latest article; Five Fun Ways to Bring the Sacred to your Conscious Conception and more in the coming weeks.

The co-creative realm of conception is such a vital, vivid and fascinating one to explore, and to share.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have about it so be sure to drop me a line or visit the Facebook page with your feedback and feelings. It’s generally very special people who want to discuss the spiritual aspects of conception, so I look forward to connecting with you.

So many families don’t get to experience the privilege and honour of this expansive opening to Life.

There is such a wide scope of possible circumstances these days;

  • ivf
  • same sex conception
  • clearing and cleansing from past lifestyle choices
  • spiritually opening and expanding as a couple or as a single
  • or all of the above!

Bringing a Being into life with presence, intention, invitation, indeed, even invocation is an absolute blessing. It will become part of your story, and add depth to your relationship with your future child, forever.

I’m excited to share more with you about Conscious Conception and the ultimate act of co-creation!

In Awe,

Nicole Moore