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Birth and early life imprints impact our lives.

With Limbic Imprint ReCoding, a form of emotional neuroplasticity,

You can create imprints that serve you.


An invitation to ReWrite Your Story

A healing opportunity

The deep rooted emotional patterns and imprints that hold you back from living in the bliss and joy you know is possible, are not fixed for life. They have been deeply influential, but we can work with them to create new limbic imprints that would serve what you are hoping to do or be, today.

Don’t worry! We don’t roll around in the pain of what was ~ it’s all about creating the imprints that would best serve you, and our shared humanity, now.

Come. Let’s play in the land of the brave together. Take the Quiz above and let’s get to know each other a bit.

Hi, I’m Nicole

I’m attentive, intuitive, artistic.

I’m busily spreading the awareness that birth matters. That we can heal our births, re-code the limbic imprints from early life in order to remove obstacles and feel more free and ease-y in our lives today.

I create videos, retreats, online courses and do private healing sessions, online and in person.

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