Birth transformed my life, and not just ‘cos of the beautiful babies I made!

Birth is intense, intimidating, expansive. And beautiful all the same. The experience of birth is so pivotal, it stays with families for years, often over many generations. Birth has the power to be totally transformative ~ for you, your family lineage, our culture. Whether it is blissful, or otherwise… And, we can choose what we experience, but we need to get those proverbial big girl panties on. Do the inner work, and get out of our own way. Especially if we are choosing a different path to our family’s, or to the majority.

I believe our very species has the capacity to be transformed by birth, and how we choose to do it.

Yep, I’m a birth nerd. To the point of being almost evangelical, but with sensitivity. I am aware it’s sadly a difficult, or disturbing subject for far too many Mamas. My mission is to help women and families know what is possible, why it matters, and to help them access a blissful birth for themselves. Along with all the associated gifts and side effects of connected parenting, empowered embodiment, and awestruck partners!

Healing, Heart Opening Birth

I know in my bones that birth can be beautiful because I am one of the ‘lucky’ ones, who had incredible birth experiences. I draw on these memories or imprints, every day of my Mothering life.   I know, in my cells, that we can give birth as easily as our ancestors did, if we can stay connected to ourselves, our bodies, our trust. Truly believing it is possible. Even in the face of all the fear and political posturing that is the current culture of birth.   I have a lived experience of birth as beautiful, bountiful, blissfull myself, and working with the Birth Into Being Method for the last decade, I’ve supported many birthing families to experience it that way too.  

I’d love to work with you, in person or online. You’ll find my gamechanging offerings here.

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It matters.


Ps; Videography is a long time love of mine. Part of my make up as a Communicator. Check out some of my work –

With Woman

‘With Woman’ explores the shifting sands of traditional midwifery practices being implemented in modern society. And what that looks like, in Australia today. 20 mins

A Call to Conscious Birth

Imprints of Gaia

Made with love, for Women everywhere…

 Nicole  is attentive, intuitive, artistic. 

She is busily spreading the love and awareness that birth matters. Writing, workshops, holding space. She is the creative behind Birth Into Being Australia.  Events, videos, writing, retreats, and online birth preparation, all in a days work!

A compulsive communicator (just ask her partner of 20 years. Or her darling teenagers 😉 ), Nicole is happy to talk about why Birth Matters, till the cows come home. 

Often she can be found on the seashore, listening to the sea sigh… Soaking up the sun, in the blue, whilst collecting seaweed, for the garden.

Nicole is a Mother, gardener, performance artist, poet and an outspoken, multi passionate, birth nerd.

Oh, and a Rainbow Chai wallah, and Nappy Free advocate on the side.

Brave and powerful work. Through deep inner journeys, insightful sharing and transformational guided experiences, I was able to re-imagine a perfect emotional space for birth and growth. Having walked a path of IVF conception over many difficult years, the time spent in this workshop with my Beloved has illuminated a new vision. The path is clearer now, more meaningful – and far more magical.           Damien Byron Bay

Nicole is a vivacious, empathic and brave woman. The courage it takes to journey with people through their dark and into their light is incredibly profound. Everyone is on their own unique journey and Nicole is so gifted to be able to hold the space for each individual whilst planting the seed for a more loving future. This course is full of depth and has the potential to be life-changing with ripple on effects beyond the weekend. Kirrah Holborn Byron Bay Traditional Wisdom Doula
Nicole’s skill and dedication as a holder of sacred space is remarkable. I can say without hesitation that with her you are in safe hands. The respect and reverence she brings to this revolutionary work is outstanding and I rejoice that people are able to spend time with her healing, growing and appreciating the depth, wonder and magnificence of being human. Rachana Shivam Spiritual Midwife, Author of Lotus Birth
How we birth our babies and how we were birthed, matters. This work truly creates change and Nicole is an inspiring teacher. Glennie Feinsmith Oregon

I am blessed to live, work and grow on the land and waters of Gumbaynggirr country.

I offer my deep respect and gratitude to the Traditional Custodians and Elders – past, present and emerging, who care for this region. I recognise the continuing connection to lands, waters and communities. I acknowledge the important role Indigenous people have had and continue to have, within Australia and worldwide, in the spiritual evolution of our planet.

May we all live with a strong sense of safety and inclusion, in connection with the

Earth, and our Elders ~ wherever we are.