birth trauma healing workshop-birth into being

Conscious; – aware of and responding to one’s surroundings or circumstances; awake. Sensitive, concerned with, deliberate and intentional…

Birth; – emergence, genesis, dawning. Coming into existence, a person’s origin, commencement.

Limbic Imprint ReCoding; – conscious co-creation of new imprints, (base lines or comfort zones) for your nervous system to operate from. New, parallel realities of conception, gestation, birth and formative years are created to inform the limbic system, which governs the emotional body, our generational patterns and ways of perceiving. ReCoding occurs using a collection of simple yet profound processes merging conscious movement, meditation, visualisation, breathwork, touch, theatrical play and various integrative techniques.

Conscious birth is both a deeply spiritual experience and it can be approached in a scientific manner… Today, in 2012, we have so much information on the biological processes involved in birth, the physiology of the experience, that it is possible to enter birth in a conscious manner, without any incense at all!

Women all over the world are beginning to take up the knowledge that how we as humans are brought into the world has a lifelong impact on our psychology and our perceptions and understanding of life. Women are embracing natural, conscious birth for their own and their offsprings physical & psychological wellbeing and being blessed by visits to the spiritual peaks of their lifetime.

“Hormonally, natural birth is the most passionate experience that we will ever have. Oxytocin, endorphins, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and prolactin together orchestrate the physical processes of birth (and sexual activity, incidentally!) enhancing efficiency, safety and ease for both mother and baby. This hormonal cocktail also rewards birthing mothers with the experience of ecstasy and fulfilment, making us want to give birth again and again. All mammals share virtually the same hormonal crescendo at birth, and this is a necessary pre-requisite for mothering in most species, switching on instinctive maternal behaviour and creating a blueprint for love in the baby.” writes Sarah Buckley; Mother of 4, GP, author and birth advocate in her article, “Healing Birth, Healing the Earth”

Sadly there is no empirical data documenting the long lasting effects this kind of conscious birth experience might have on a person – Baby or Mother. Yet there is reams of anecdotal evidence that suggests this kind of peak experience has long lasting, widespread effects on the psyche, for both. There are obvious reasons why there are reduced chances of post natal depression if a Mother feels happy with her birth. From the opposite angle, there is alot of data making correlations between certain birth interventions and later behavioural issues, or personality tendencies. Dr William Emerson’s research details these correlations. When we do imaginative birth meditations like the Limbic Imprint ReCoding process, we can feel for ourselves what a gift it is to give a baby a soft, gentle landing earth side.

Limbic Imprint ReCoding, involves re-experiencing conception, gestation and birth, having another (or a first) sip of the “hormonal cocktail of birth” (Sarah Buckley). Get familiar there. Create a parallel experience for our nervous system to relate to, an experience of being born in a safe, loving, warm environment of trust and love, where everything is taken care of. And then, both whilst integrating the process and as ‘real life’ re-engages, we keep choosing that ‘frequency’. It helps to revisit the meditation every so often, to reconnect and recreate that unique experience of birth bliss, that “undeniable rightness of being”. (Elena Vladimirova)

This new arrival experience (your calling to Earth, conception, gestation, birth) and the reconnect that occurs through it, are incredibly invigorating. The most common result of the Birth Into Being workshops is that people go on to birth projects, new ventures, life changes and of course, babies – “with grace and ease” (Birth As We Know It).

As conscious birth preparation, Limbic Imprint ReCoding is highly suitable. Clearing, or at least exploring, your own birth trauma, acknowledging generational patterns in your family, prior to delivery, (or for beautifully attentive parents, pre-conception) will mean it’s less likely to surface in the birth, and if it does, you will be familiar and more enabled to move through it.

We also endeavour to reframe deeply held, inhibiting beliefs one might have lurking within, that could arise and get in the way whilst giving birth, creating a new project, artwork or perspective or just trying to happily live the blessed life you have.