I made a video with a group of women who live together alongside me, in the forest, by the sea. We are so blessed to belong to this land.

It was a beautiful experience to collaborate on this artwork with the womenfolk of my community.  I am so grateful for their trust in me, in creating this piece.  It was a deep journey for each of them as they overcame hesitations and let go into loving the uninhibited soul expression of their beautiful forms. When I watch this video I am amazed that these divine feminine beings are not celebrating their bodies all day, every day.

We collaborated together on a vision I had, danced together for a few weeks prior, then I photographed and produced from there.

Some of the bushy scenes were quite adventurous, yes we ate the crab for being so slow and we all rediscovered the beauty of early morning. We used multiple cameras for the final dance shoot, with the help of Clare Rynhart and Sally Biffen.

So please, my gift to you ~ some beautiful imprints of integrated Womanhood, sisterhood, Belonging in tribe & place ~ invite it into your nervous system with this audiovisual meditation.

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Allow yourself to feel Safety and Connection – to our natural world.

Surrender to your surroundings – to the Earth, to Yourself and to the various archetypes of Woman, Mother and Source.

Feed it into your nervous system, with your breath, this dance of safety and connection with Self, Other, Earth…

Be sure to take deep breaths as you watch… Allow yourself to settle, (it’s 15 mins long) and leeeeet gooooooo in your limbic system to allow the imagery and emotions it evokes, in.

Imprints of Gaia was originally created for the annual Homebirth Australia Conference, it is offered here as a gift to you.

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Imprints of Sisterhood

If you are interested to know more, I offer imprinting experiences that are tailored to your unique needs, you can read more about that here.