Birth Imprints matter.


In this webinar recording, discover why & how we carry the imprints of Birth throughout life and how we can use this understanding to influence outcomes as we approach conscious conception and birth.

Or we can use this understanding ‘just’ to be happier and lighter, more connected and loving, both within ourselves, and parents, and as a species.

How does it feel for you, to think about your own entry to Life? 

Talking about birth imprints is potentially dangerous territory.

Lots of people have triggers around birth, and the idea that it might be important.

Maybe your whole life, you’ve heard the story of how you nearly killed your Mother? Or of how torturous, traumatic or downright bloody painful your birth was? Maybe you were separated at birth – incubated, isolated or adopted out? Meant to be a boy, or a girl? You were late, early, perfectly cooked… Alot of this sounds strangely familiar doesn’t it?

Maybe you’re one of the very high percentage of people (who knows exactly what it is? ) who feel like the birth of their own children was less than blissful? And you’ve always wondered what that meant, whether or not it has an impact on your child? Maybe you’re well aware of the impact that that experience has had on you?

It’s not about feeling guilty over what was, or that our children are doomed because of the terrible birth they ended up with…

You do not need to ignore, deflect or disregard this sort of information due to the circumstances that surrounded your own births and how it really wasn’t your fault.

Well – none of us know what we don’t know. The best we can ever do, is through using the information we have at hand, and that which has come to us.

So – now that this information about birth imprints, and why they matter – is coming to you, let’s take the opportunity to use it to the best of your advantage. To the best of your children’s advantage.

You can use your understanding of birth imprints to make sure that you really apply yourself to creating the optimum circumstances for any subsequent births. Or first births if you’re yet to be a parent…

You can feel into your children’s needs with a new light when you have a wider lens on their experiences of birth, and how it may have impacted them.


You can heal your own inner world with an understanding of birth imprints.


You can heal the experiences of your early life – your early years, conception, gestation and birth – even the formative experiences that came much later, through exploring your birth imprints.

We all have very intricate and unique stories – even though there are definitely common themes. ‘Not good enough’, ‘not wanted’, ‘love is conditional’, ‘it’s safe to play small’, ‘a victim of others mental states’…

I’m sorry it was hard for you.

Let’s do what we can with those experiences now – Let’s harvest from them the information about what your deepest needs are, and how you can best fulfill them.

So you can see – without even giving it much thought we can see the potential for this to be ‘dangerous territory’ for people.

And then there are also all the potential triggers for those that just intuitively KNOW that their birth mattered. That it was pivotal in creating and moulding them into who they are today. That this primal period holds keys to further self knowledge and accomplishment of dreams.

Then there is those like yourself – advanced seekers, brave and bold enough to make the enquiry about how they can explore this primal period for further growth and expansion.


Dangerous terrain, indeed!


Watch this webinar and let me know what it brings up for you.

I’d love to hear from you – what are your triggers around birth? And are they from your own birth story or that of your children?


Nicole Moore