I love film. I love documentaries. I love videos. I love the fact that you can so easily make videos with smartphones. Birth as We Know is fascinating viewing for all of us who have been born, given birth, supported somebody in giving birth, or are expecting a baby any time in the future. It shows us the potential for beauty and transformative experience through birth.


It shows us the opportunity for transcendence, for an ecstatic experience and indeed an orgasmic experience too. Birth as We Know It was the first film to feature that absolutely game-changing footage of Amber, in the throes of orgasm as she breathes her baby out. It shows different opportunities for birth. It outlines exactly how and why this gateway to life is so important.

For the baby being born and for the mother and the parents involved as well.




Birth as We Know It is exquisitely beautiful.

It takes you on an unfolding journey of 11 amazing births.

This film is a beautiful resource for sharing with couples approaching conception or birth. Also great for anyone wanting to understand more fully the early life period. It’s also useful for those who want to reflect on their own birth imprints and how they might be affecting them today.

This documentary is eye-opening in that it contains scenes that we traditionally don’t see in films about the birthing process.

In the full-length version, there is a scene of circumcision. This is very important footage to have out there and accessible to the world.

Many people are looking to educate themselves and make informed decisions around circumcision. They are searching for reliable information about it. The footage in this film is very much needed.

As is the case with the footage of the caesarean birth depicted in this documentary. It helps inform people and understand their choices about an elective caesarean. They understand what they are actually choosing. It shows quite graphic footage that involves caesarean birth. This is why there is a shorter 25-minute version.

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It is because of these more controversial scenes in Birth as We Know It, that the film becomes a crucial resource for parents. If you want to make choices and you need to look at all their different options and what’s available to you, this is a film for you to watch.


For birth workers, Birth as We Know It is also fascinating. It includes historical footage of the Black Sea birth camps.


Not many people know that this is where the practice of water birth was developed. Families and care providers would go and camp on a beautiful rocky beach by the side of the Black Sea and babies were born in the waters of the ocean. The footage shot there is incredibly beautiful. The word quickly spread about this throughout the world.

Footage of babies swimming with dolphins and mothers emerging from the sea with their babies in their arms was game-changing. From there on, water birth spread out throughout the world.

Birth as we know it - Birth into being

This is an iconic film. It’s been game changing with the orgasmic birth footage, the water birth footage, the absolute bravery and ovaries of Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova who made the film after coming from Russia to America. Elena is the founder of the Birth as We Know It movement.

This is a must see film if you’re a birth worker. It has a very honest and humble depiction of conscious birth, orgasmic birth and what it really takes to turn this into your reality.

I have seen Birth as We Know It hundreds of times. I find new layers in it every time. Even in regards to healing my own entry to life. It is my gift of choice to expecting parents. I hope this raised your interest and curiosity. You can sign up to  watch the 25min version right here. Like it, share it, send it to your friends. Thanks for helping to spread the word.


Nicole Moore