There are five things you can do to achieve birthing in your own divine timing even if 39 weeks is the new normal.




The number one secret is your relationship with your care provider.


You will achieve the best result if you have this sorted out early on in your pregnancy. Unless you’re moving house and planning on living in a different area or something that will mean a change of providers it’s best to get yourself set up with them nice and early. You and your provider need to be on the same page.

You need to be speaking the same language and develop a deep sense of trust. You need to be sure that your care provider trusts your body. Whether you’re VBAC, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean or it’s your first birth, your second birth and especially if all of your previous births have been really difficult.

Your care provider needs to have a deep sense of trust in your body and your ability to give birth without inductions or without any kind of interventions.

They need to know for sure that they are right for you.

You can also to check out their track record. What is their track record in their establishment? Are their previous clients happy? What’s their history? Make your enquiries through the hospital records or through the local community depending on your choice.


Number two secret is knowing your stuff.


This will involve some rational thinking that we tend to let go a lot of in pregnancy. At least we should be able to let go of. Especially towards the end of your pregnancy.

This is where you learn about the anatomy of a pregnancy. Inform yourself of the anatomy of birth as well. Know your stuff.

What are the policies and processes that are common to the place that you’ve chosen to give birth? The terminology can be really daunting but you need to know what’s normal and what’s not. You need to be able to participate in detailed discussions about your care without feeling daunted.

Do your homework.

Knowledge is power.

If you are birthing in the medical system find out what your rights are. What’s legal and what’s not as well as what’s normal. All of it. Make sure that your partner is also well informed. It’s a lot to take in but in this day and age the more informed, the better off you are.


Number three secret is to be willing to stand up for your desires.


Birth is a sacred experience. The primal longings women have had around birth for eons s an integral part of us becoming a mother. Your desires about birth are valid and they are important.

You just intuitively know what you need and you need to be prepared to stand up for it. How you want to give birth matters.

There are lots of long-term effects of not being able to have the birth experience you desire. They can influence the well-being of yourself, your baby, or your family. I recommend that is something you should take seriously.


Number four secret is about actively cultivating a state of being centred.


Being grounded. Feeling empowered. You’re the boss.


Remember that.


Number five cheeky secret to the birthing in your own divine timing even if 39 weeks is the new normal is to choose home birth.


In home births, you will have continuity of care. That is completely unlike that within the hospital system. The quality of care in home births is exponentially different. A hospital midwife has a number of very short appointments set with many of her clients.

She has to manage a larger caseload. Whereas the home birth midwife is, just by circumstance, going to have a lot fewer women she’s seeing. She has a lot fewer people that she is caring for and the quality of your relationship with her will be extremely different.


If you want to be seen and heard in your desires for natural, non-interventionist, non-induced birth then choosing home birth is going to put you a lot closer to that desire.


I hope that you now feel that you are equipped with a few more tools to have a birth in your own divine timing and are more prepared. Even if 39 weeks is the new normal. The real work is within. It is the defining factor in how good you feel, how ready you are as you approach your birth.

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