I have told my birth story many many times. I’ve been blessed to be in many women’s circles where I had the opportunity to share my birth stories. And I’m always happy to do so. Instead of sharing with you now the account of what happened, I want to tell you about all the things I came away with ~ the gifts of birth.


I’ve been able to harvest again and again and again from my birth story. The tools, the feelings, the intentions, the hormones, they have all been gifts I’ve been benefiting from on my continuous journey as a mother and as a woman. I feel very blessed with the experiences that I’ve had and by no means do I take them for granted. It is because of those experiences that I’m in a position to serve others.



From my births, I came away knowing that I could do anything. I know very well that’s a cliché ~ but it doesn’t make it any less true. I knew that if I can give birth, I can do anything. In my 15 years of mothering, I can honestly say that I have indeed been fully stretched.

My birth experiences have put me in really good stead for surviving the challenges that I would face as a mother.


From hospital visits to parenting and co-parenting struggles and various other things. Navigating friends, teachers, illnesses. Our journey has been easy compared to most. I’m eternally grateful for that.


That feeling of being able to do absolutely anything came away from the peak of oxytocin release, oxytocin expression during birth. Oxytocin is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter. When it releases in the pulsing style that it does and releases with its full force, you have those experiences that we hear women talk of. The experiences where the veil between the worlds is lifted and they have a transcendent and absolutely ecstatic experience.

Any woman who gets to experience this kind of heart-opening during their birth is thoroughly blessed. I’m one of those women. I came away from my births feeling 100% supported by the universe. Because of that transcendent expansive opening to the spiritual realms that I had during my births I somehow developed more of a relationship with the great unknown, my tribe in consciousness.

I opened an expanded with life’s mystery and I allowed it in received deeply. I felt very well taken care of and so in flow with an energy source so much larger than just myself.


Experiencing this expansion, opening, and support from the universe has been amazing.


Knowing that I can do anything has played a huge part in the absolute activation of myself as a mother. I had an incredible love burst thanks to the hormonal cocktail love explosion that has also expanded my capacity for loving.

I also had an incredible experience of being supported by the universe. I am still carrying that blessing with me today. Even today, 15 years later, my birth experiences are still informing my being. If you are approaching birth and you are wondering how much time and space and importance to give your preparation, I would say give it what you’ve got. Because you will remember those experiences for the rest of your life.

There is potential for great expansion within those experiences. I hope that by sharing mine with you, it’s inspired you.  Even if it’s a reflection on your own experiences, or if you’ve already given birth. I’d love to hear about it.


Nicole Moore