Melissa and I get on the phone from time to time, and have a rave on all things Birth Into Being.  We are both practitioners of the Method, living and working in Australia.  Whilst we live far apart, we like to stay connected, offering each other support and appreciation for the inner work that we are bringing to Mama’s and families as they prepare for conscious conception or birth.

We realised that it might be interesting to our clients and those who are considering working with us, to get in on one of these conversations, to also hear about why we do this work with pregnancy and birth preparation…  To get to know us a little better perhaps, before letting us in on your ‘schtuff’ from your birth and early life!

Half an hour long, this live conversation, recorded, offers an insight into each of us, and what drives us to share this work with the world.  We talk about the Birth Into Being Method and the potential for healing, of birth trauma, of early childhood, of lack of love and connection, that it offers.

Click on the image above to watch our conversation on Youtube.

With Love,