Alot of us have a slightly fractured and strained relationship with time. There never seems to be enough of it.  It does strange things like contracting and expanding in ways that don’t always serve us.

Because this is an ongoing challenge and one of the most common experiences of the western mind, it is valuable for us to explore it within the BIB Method.  To do our best to move beyond this struggle.

Give ourselves a different level of comfort with time.

This exercise will bring you into a different place of relating, then as with all processes and workshoppy activities, it is your job to cultivate these experiences.  That new relationship.  Bring them into your life, your body, by remembering them often, bringing yourself back into contact with these feelings, regularly.  Using your awareness to give yourself regular gifts.

Before you get stuck into this exercise, create a space for yourself where you won’t be disturbed for at least another hour.  Abundance of Time will take about 40 mins to do, with at least 20 mins of integration or rest afterwards.

Choose a song (or a whole playlist!)  that you can play for yourself through your computer, for when we finish the exercise.  Give yourself the gift of time to really process this!

Please have your journal, Drawing , writing materails, water and tissues handy so you don’t need to do anything once we begin…

Enjoy!  Click here to get started!