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We are into sustainability, and need to find ways to both get our message out about the importance and potential of the primal period, and make it possible to spend so much time writing, creating, communicating about this.

Therefore, we’d also like to ask for your help in sharing the love.

Send us a Testimonial!

Testimonials are a wonderful way to share the news about Birth Into Being and what you experienced with us. Preferably via video cos that’s the latest greatest way to share the love. And of course ‘word of mouth’, the good olde skool method of telling your mates!

Dropbox any video testimonial files to;

Become an Affiliate!

It’s easy!

Becoming an affiliate for the online courses is soo easy on the thinkific platform.

Or just jump in &

Payments are all automated and come to you via PayPal.

If you would like to be an affiliate, please email and provide:

The Subject Line: An Affiliate Yes!

  1. Your name as you would like it to appear in thinkific (our online course platform)
  2. The email you want to use to log into thinkific & get notifications
  3. Your PayPal email that you want your commissions paid into

Becoming an affiliate for the workshops

– more info coming soon

Tax Free Donations

Birth Into Being HQ in California is a registered non profit organization

As such, you can make tax free donations from any country here

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