Nicole Moore

Sydney bred, and deeply affected by years of travel, predominantly in Nicole-Mooredeveloping countries, I now live a low impact lifestyle in rural Australia. Deep in the forest, by the sea, I live with my partner of 12 years with our two children of 10 and 7yrs, in an environmentally focused, intentional community… My children have become my greatest teachers. Learning, evolving and in all ways coming back to the Path of Love. Both my children were born at home, naturally, in their own time… I was blessed, with two insight full, expansive births; experiencing waterbirth , lotus birth ( , and birth ‘en caul’. We loved practicing Elimination Communication / Nappy Free ( with both Babes, from birth… I consider myself part of a growing movement dedicated to natural, bliss full birth – opening up our interconnected neurological pathways to touch the divine whilst bringing in new life to our shared evolution.

PlayBack Theatre is another passion of mine. I use it to consciously keep my intuitive muscles well exercised. The group work is deeply fulfilling, as is performing with the Company. I enjoy immensely, the interactive, transpersonal nature of shared creative moments in this improvised, very alive form of theatre…

As a filmmaker, I initially came across Elena ( and Birth As We Know It (, thru my research & planning of a doco on the spiritual aspects of Birth (still in gestation). Training in Limbic Imprint ReCoding (LIR) began in 2009. Since then I have been mentored by Elena and we are co-creating a Training Dvd. Filming & editing this project has added many layers to my understanding of the Birth Into Being processes. Facilitating groups or individuals in Limbic Imprint ReCoding is fascinating, fulfilling and utterly engaging to me…

I am proud to be part of the international Birth Into Being pod, and feel to have found the perfect outlet for my offerings to Gumbaynggirr Countrythe world. I bring you this theatrical, fun, connective & poetic play for the soul with a spirit of love and freedom.

For evolution, our babies, our Planet,

love-heart Nicole