The way we were born defines the quality of our experience of being alive. How we access and use our creativity, is a reflection of our emotional experiences during our early formative years of life. Birth Into Being workshops allow participants to heal their own birth trauma through having an actual ‘in-the-body’ experience of being conceived, gestated and born in love and ecstasy.

Limbic Imprint ReCoding is achieved through a sequence of steps involving specific movement, breathing, guided imagery and role play. We create a brand new limbic imprint and a new memory of our blissful beginning. After playing with the Limbic Imprint Recoding processes, people experience personal transformation and reclamation of their innate wisdom, emotional health and power. Participants commonly feel more choice about how they engage with life, feel ready to choose bliss, beauty and love with consistency, and are able to manifest all manner of creative endeavours, including conscious conception and ecstatic birth experiences.

Healing birth trauma prior to conception is a subtly beautiful gift of love to your yet to be conceived babes… And is often known to clear any unknown energetic obstacles to conception… For pregnant couples, it is a wonder full gift of grace and a unique, enriching form of preparation for conscious conception and ecstatic birth…

With full awareness and support of the Divine Feminine, a Birth Into Being Facilitator weaves a neuronet of engaged intention, creating space for deep sharing, for participants to be loved and held by each other, opening neurological pathways, cultivating oxytocin production, allowing increased access to the love and support of their tribe in consciousness, and fostering a closer relationship with Source.


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