Hosting a Birth into Being Workshop


Workshops can be done in individual sessions, in beautiful groups over a weekend, or longer format workshops can be residential.

The format we love to work in is that a local organiser (potentially you!) does the groundwork for gathering the group in their area, with all artwork and templates supplied, and the facilitator will come to you. If you can host her, wonderful! If you can organise other comfy accommodation that is also great!

Sometimes a participant might like to offer accom. in lieu of payment or part thereof, depending on the circumstances of the w/shop.

The organiser also looks after the venue, the hiring of and outfitting with whatever is needed.

Suitable venues are large, clean empty spaces, where a number of people can lie down comfortably. We need some sort of kitchen facilities, even if basic.

A relaxing place to eat outdoors or in another area to the workshop space.

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