Wanna know more about birth imprints?

And how they can affect the births of your children? 

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What holds you back in Life, will hold you back in Birth.
The way we live in the world, the way we experience it, is directly related to how we entered it.

The primal period of conception, gestation and birth, when the neurological pathways of our minds were being formed, is definitive in our development.   The limbic imprints from this time impact how much love we allow ourselves to receive and give, how safe we feel to be ourselves, and share our gifts.

The good news is,

it’s never too late for a beautiful Birth.

No matter how you experienced your entry to Life, or how you gave birth or have related to it thus far in your life – you can utilise this doorway to deep healing in order to experience more Love, more freedom and more creativity.  More personal power.

If you are approaching conscious conception or birth – you will need to have access to your personal power.  Why wait till the moment you need it most, to cultivate it?

You can prepare yourself for the epic event that birth is,

by exploring and healing your own entry to life experiences.

Join me for a conversation on Birth Imprints – it was a live discussin, now available as a recording…

Learn how understanding imprinting and neuroplasticity can benefit your journey with Conscious Conception and Birth.

Now available as a recording



Wanna know more about birth imprints

and how they can affect your

Conscious Conception and Birth?

Birth Into Being Australia


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