Birth into Being Workshops

“Birth Into Being workshops co-create a birthing field… For birthing ourselves…”

In a safe and supported space, we use simple yet profound processes; merging conscious movement, meditation, visualisation, breathwork, touch & theatrical play – reprogramming the limbic imprint of birth & the early years, thus revising the subconscious emotional comfort zone (or otherwise!) with our current day, conscious intention. In a fun & unique way, we easily recreate a comfortable, loving state of homeostasis for our nervous systems.

Hence we have another setting or frequency available for when we choose to step away from inner landscapes that we don’t enjoy, or feel we have seen enough of.

This workshop is for anyone seeking deeper understanding of their recurrent patterns, wishing to make a shift & who is ready to clear repetitive, inhibiting or imbalanced beliefs that obscure the truth of who they are. For couples approaching conscious conception & birth, this work is wonderful, a gift of grace…

Groups are open to men, women and couples of all configurations… They are self selecting as people either respond to the material presented, or don’t attend…

“We can heal ourselves and our collective past, as a tribe of humans on the face of the Earth, so the future generations will be able to thrive as a species”

Upcoming events

Birth Into Being ~ Long Retreat

Healing processes for birth trauma, childhood wounding and realignment of intention.

Neuroplasticity for the emotional body… Recoding limbic imprints from early life, realigning with current intentions, clearing birth trauma & outdated beliefs… Opening pathways to love – ourselves, our children, each other.  In a fun, playful, theatrical way! ♥♥♥

This retreat will be wholesomely catered with organic food, and there will be supplementary bodywork treatments made available.

DATES:   Sept 2019 TBC
TIMES:   Residential
VENUE:  Somewhere lush, extremely comfortable, and with a heated pool for watsu.

Online Courses

Birth Into Being ~ With Ease & Grace

Preparing for Birth is in an inside job.
An exploratory, interactive, transformative journey, to prepare you for birth ~ deep in your Being, where it matters most.

Experiential process work, writing exercises, video segments, online community…  This is not a talk fest, there’s very few pdf’s!  It’s all about doing the inner work, allowing love in and stepping up to the epic journey that Birth is.

AUD $197

6 weeks of Processes

Live support Calls once a month in the Facebok group

Running now – Sign up and complete in your own divine timing.

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