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Conscious Evolution Begins at Home

Parenting as passionate agents of change... Mothering, and being Mothered is an operatic, epic experience, that creates ripples that shape our lives. Both individually and as a society.  The most important job in the world. The hardest. The most rewarding. Definitely...

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Why do we do it?

Nicole & Melissa from Birth Into Being jam on their ‘Why’ for bringing this work to the world. Why it matters to our evolution as a species and what beautiful healing outcomes it offers pregnant women in birth.

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International Women’s Day

A love poem about girls, women and you. Inspired by International Day of the Girl.  It’s very beautiful and well worth the 4mins.  In fact, watching this bought tears to my eyes.  As a filmmaker, it’s the kind of piece I want to make (in my spare time! 😉  ).  What...

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Abundance of Time

Alot of us have a slightly fractured and strained relationship with time. There never seems to be enough of it.  It does strange things like contracting and expanding in ways that don’t always serve us. Because this is an ongoing challenge and one of the most common...

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