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Birth is beautiful.  Intense, intimidating, expansive. The experience of birth is so pivotal, it stays with families for years, often over many generations…  It has the power to be totally transformative ~ for you, your family lineage, our culture. 

Sometimes birth can be blissful – and unfortunately, sometimes it can be deeply traumatic.  Or anywhere in between.

Our dominant culture believes that birth outcomes are connected to luck, or genetics. But there are numerous factors involved, and not many of them are connected to chance. You have far more control over the journey and the outcome than you might think (or are being led to believe).

How would it feel to be approaching your birth knowing that you have equipped yourself with the necessary strength, courage and trust?  So that even if your initial birth plans go astray, you know you have what it takes to bring your baby into the world surrounded by love, not fear. 

Sometimes unexpected interventions are necessary, but that doesn’t mean you need to give away all your strength and power.  The experience can still be your own, can still be something you’ll remember forever,

for all the right reasons…  

What if I could help you to capture the sense of strength, power and courage you might feel after giving birth – before you go into labour – so that you can relax into your pregnancy?

So that you can embrace your experience, make it your own, regardless of how your birth unfolds, and know that you have everything you need to face the next phase of life with a newborn?

There is some inner work required, to get out of your own way, and get those proverbial big girl panties on. Especially if we are choosing a different path to our families, or to the majority.

 I’m deeply passionate about birth ~ to the point of being almost evangelical!  

My mission is to help women and families know what is possible, why it matters, and to help them experience blissful birth for themselves. I believe our very species has the capacity to be transformed by birth, and how we choose to do it. There are many associated gifts and side effects as well, and well, I could go on for hours!

I made this 3min film, a few years back so I wouldn’t have to!

I know in my bones that birth can be beautiful because I have been blessed with two incredible birth experiences.  But I have also worked with many women who have had less than blissful experiences, who carry huge anxiety approaching their subsequent births.  Together we work through past trauma, and create a whole new experience even though there may still be medical interventions involved, or other unwanted elements present. 

The work that I offer is not what you’ll find in an antenatal or yoga for pregnancy class. We don’t explore the physical or anatomical aspects of your pregnancy. We dive into the emotions that are connected to the experience – the fears, the anxieties, whats going on for you and how you can tap into your innate strength. We rewrite your story, and get you ready for birth, on the inside… 

As an empath, an artist, and a long term seeker, the Birth Into Being Method is the perfect culmination of my skills and life experience. I’ve been working with it since 2009, internationally and within Australia. I know how it feels to carry emotional wounds from childhood. I know firsthand how our earliest experiences can completely change our life trajectories. And – I know how to heal from it. I did, and I have the skills to help you too.  Listen to my Ted talk to know more about that!

I bring you this fun, connective & poetic play for the soul, with a spirit of love and freedom.  

The way we give birth impacts the way we live, love and parent. Accessing your inner strength and power is essential to give birth the way that you want to. And in this day and age, in this political and medical climate, that needs to start well before you actually give birth.

Are you ready to expand and transform in preparation for birth so that you can drop your worries and enjoy your pregnancy?

Do you dream of being able to relax into the process of birth rather than dreading it?

Are you keen to do the inner work required to claim the experience as your own?

Ready to bring your baby into this world with gentle, loving awareness, whilst accessing your fierce and powerful Mama Love?

Click here (LINK to Work w Me page) to explore how we can work together.

Birth matters.


About Birth Into Being


Our ‘pod’ is a collective of individuals commited to conscious (r)evolution of our species.

We share the message and tools of conscious birth, under the premise that is never too late to create the life, world, or changes you want.

Elena Tonetti Vladimirova

– Founder of Birth Into Being

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova is a Russian born visionary who has been helping individuals and couples embrace conscious birth and alter their limbic imprints since the early 80’s when she was involved with Igor Charkovsky, the advent of water birth, and the Black Sea birth camps.

Her ground breaking, award winning film Birth As We Know It (www.birthasweknowit.com), released in 2006 has greatly impacted the global conscious birth movement. Sold to 57 countries and translated into 12 languages, it delivers a “powerful transmission of what it takes to birth consciously, with grace and ease” Tatiana Sargunas. Elena initially developed Limbic Imprint ReCoding as a means of birth preparation and now has over 100 apprentices in 14 countries around the world, certified to conduct Elena’s techniques.

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova lives in California, is often found writing, presenting at conferences, hosting Birth into Being Workshops and trainings. She is both change agent and lightworker – inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to higher levels of consciousness. Elena travels extensively, sharing her vision of conscious procreation and evolution.

See Elena’s Birth Into Being movement here: www.birthintobeing.com

Birth As We Know It – Trailer

Words of Appreciation

I am rejoicing, reflecting on my blissful experience last weekend. We shared our deep hearts truth, we danced, we journalled, we lovingly held one another as each was reborn.

It was absolutely incredible.

Such is the beauty of limbic imprint recoding, brilliantly facilitated by Nicole.

Deep gratitude goes out to Nicole, for her truly joyous facilitation and healing work.  As well as being a mother of two, Nicole is a film maker and Birth Activist. Her facilitation is loving and glorious.  Oxytocin is now pouring out of me to you Nicole!!  I feel honoured to have sat in circle with you, it truly feels like a gift from heaven.  

Angela Fitzgerald  Birth Healer, Byron Bay

Such a safe and loving space for us all to explore. Dynamic, playful, sensitive, deeply intuitive and so, so loving. I am still processing, finding many deep changes occurring with ease. Not only has the workshop helped me tremendously, but my relationship with my partner has also shifted into deeper love and understanding.

Julia Rossmanith
Fertility Assistant, Mayan Abdominal Therapist, The Nurtured Womb

Nicole is a vivacious, empathic and brave woman. The courage it takes to journey with people through their dark and into their light is incredibly profound. Everyone is on their own unique journey and Nicole is so gifted to be able to hold the space for each individual whilst planting the seed for a more loving future. This course is full of depth and has the potential to be life-changing with ripple on effects beyond the weekend.

Kirrah Holborn – Byron Bay
Traditional Wisdom Doula

Nicole took me back to a place where an imprint of fear or negative belief had occurred and totally transformed it in a matter of minutes… with so much ease and grace – it felt effortless – but I recognise the skill, commitment and effort that Nicole put in to hold this sacred space… Nicole is a true Master of her healing modality and I can highly recommend her online work to anyone wanting to clear ANY fear blocks which are holding them back in their life, or from enjoying their pregnancy….

Tamala Ridge

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