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Birth Into Being International was founded by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, creator of “Birth As We Know It‘.

Birth Into Being International is a collective of individuals commited to conscious (r)evolution of our species.

We share the message and tools of Limbic Imprint ReCoding, under the premise that is never too late to create the life, world, or changes you want.

The Team

Birth into Being Australia

Nicole Moore – Facilitator

Sydney bred, and deeply affected by years of travel, predominantly in developing countries, I now live a low impact lifestyle in rural Australia. Deep in the forest, by the sea, I live with my partner of 16 years with our two children of 14 and 11yrs, in an an environmentally focused, intentional community…

My children have become my greatest teachers. Learning, evolving and in all ways coming back to the Path of Love. Both my children were born at home, naturally, in their own time… I was blessed, with two insightful, expansive births; experiencing water birth, lotus birth (www.lotus-birth.net), and birth ‘en caul’. We loved practicing Elimination Communication / Nappy Free (www.nappyfree.com.au) with both Babes, from birth… I consider myself part of a growing movement dedicated to natural, blissful birth – opening up our interconnected neurological path-ways to touch the divine whilst bringing in new life, to our shared evolutionary experience.

PlayBack Theatre is another passion of mine. I use it to keep my intuitive muscles well exercised. The group work is deeply fulfilling, as is performing with the Company. I enjoy immensely, the interactive, transpersonal nature of shared creative moments in this improvised, very alive form of theatre.

As a filmmaker, I initially came across Elena (Birth Into Being HQ) and Birth As We Know It through my research and planning of a documentary on the spiritual aspects of birth (still in gestation). Training in Limbic Imprint ReCoding (LIR) began in 2009. Since then I have been mentored by Elena and we have co-created a Training DVD. Filming & editing this project has added many layers to my understanding of the Birth Into Being processes. Facilitating groups or individuals in Limbic Imprint ReCoding is fascinating, fulfilling and utterly engaging to me.

I am proud to be part of the International Birth Into Being pod, and feel I have found the perfect outlet for my offerings to the world. I bring you this theatrical, fun, connective & poetic play for the soul with a spirit of love and freedom.

For evolution, our babies, our Planet.

Melissa Aardema – Co facilitator

Melissa currently lives by the beach in Far North Queensland, Australia with her two beautiful children. She is a Mother, Birth Keeper and Birth Into Being Practitioner. Melissa’s biggest passions are the Ocean and Conscious Birth. Her own initiations into motherhood in 2007 and 2009, brought a huge awakening on the importance of conceiving and birthing our children in love.

Working as a Birth Doula since 2009, her desire to see more conscious birth in this world led her to Elena Tonetti-Vladmirova’s documentary ‘Birth as We Know It’ some years before she attended her first Birth into Being Workshop. “It took me just over an hour in the presence of Elena to be totally hooked”. Since 2012 Melissa has been facilitating Birth into Being workshops in various locations around Australia, including Cairns, Kuranda, Darwin, Townsville, Melbourne and Mission Beach.

“I genuinely believe that transformation is available to anyone who is seeking and willing – and I know from personal experience that the Birth into Being Method has the tools for total life transformation”.

Offering a gentle and safe space to explore, release and re-code the basic settings and experiences of our own births and early formative period, Melissa genuinely believes that everyone is capable of breaking through their own barriers and limitations to reaching their higher potential. It is with a great love that Melissa offers this experience to others and she is available to hold workshops Australia wide and overseas.

Contact Melissa @  thebirthingfield@gmail.com / 0457129516. She is also represented on www.thebirthingfield.com

Elena Tonetti Vladimirova – Founder

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova is a Russian born visionary who has been helping individuals and couples embrace conscious birth and alter their limbic imprints since the early 80’s when she was involved with Igor Charkovsky, the advent of water birth, and the Black Sea birth camps.

Her ground breaking, award winning film Birth As We Know It (www.birthasweknowit.com), released in 2006 has greatly impacted the global conscious birth movement. Sold to 57 countries and translated into 12 languages, it delivers a “powerful transmission of what it takes to birth consciously, with grace and ease” Tatiana Sargunas. Elena initially developed Limbic Imprint ReCoding as a means of birth preparation and now has 71 apprentices in 14 countries around the world, certified to conduct Elena’s techniques.

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova lives in California, is often found writing, presenting at conferences, hosting Birth into Being Workshops and trainings. She is both change agent and lightworker – inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to higher levels of consciousness. Elena travels extensively, sharing her vision of conscious procreation and evolution.

See Elena’s Birth Into Being movement here: www.birthintobeing.com

Birth As We Know It- Trailer

Client Testimonial

Nicole’s skill and dedication as a holder of sacred space is remarkable. I can say without hesitation that with her you are in safe hands. The respect and reverence she brings to this revolutionary work is outstanding and I rejoice that people are able to spend time with her healing, growing and appreciating the depth, wonder and magnificence of being human.

Shivam Rachana – Byron 2013

Such a safe and loving space for us all to explore. Dynamic, playful, sensitive, deeply intuitive and so, so loving. I am still processing, finding many deep changes occurring with ease. Not only has the workshop helped me tremendously, but my relationship with my partner has also shifted into deeper love and understanding.

Julia Rossmanith
Fertility Assistant, Mayan Abdominal Therapist, The Nurtured Womb

Nicole is a vivacious, empathic and brave woman. The courage it takes to journey with people through their dark and into their light is incredibly profound. Everyone is on their own unique journey and Nicole is so gifted to be able to hold the space for each individual whilst planting the seed for a more loving future. This course is full of depth and has the potential to be life-changing with ripple on effects beyond the weekend.
Kirrah Holborn – Byron 2012
Traditional Wisdom Doula

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