Ever wondered how,

a transcendent, expansive, blissfull birth can inform your being?

For the rest of your life…

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Well, here’s my version of this.  I love to share my experiences of my children’s births, almost 16 and 13 years ago.  It was a big part of integrating it for me, to sit in circles with other Mama’s, sharing and reflecting.  Counting my blessings.  Always lovely, though at times it also bought up lots of empathy when I shared in circles with women who were not so blessed, or had not yet reached a point of integration with whatever their births had bought to them.  I am eternally grateful for the experiences my family shared and am determined to ‘pay it forward’ as best I can.

Click on my pic to watch the video, in it I share my birth story in a new light – less about what happened and more about the gifts I recieved.  The big picture of how those births have helped me in my Mothering and in my soul’s unfolding.


Nicole Moore




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