Birth matters.

The way we live, love and parent, is deeply impacted by birth.

Birth has become immersed in a culture of fear and trauma.

But you don’t need to accept this as your reality.

Our babies’ births are significant, creating imprints within their neurobiology and emotional life.

For our babies’ optimum development, for ourselves as parents, for the blessed unfolding of our lives together; we need to bring them in gently, with love.

Our responsibility as parents is to create the best possible circumstances, for them to have the gift of the most gentle, loving arrival possible.

We want to imprint our young, our future generations with love, not fear.

I help the conscious, caring woman and her birthing family to say YES to themselves and their babies. Say yes to love.

Now, more than ever, our world needs love, connection and awareness.

Healing birth trauma takes us closer to creating our beautiful future.


Wanna know more? I created a free Resource Guide to help you explore the healing power of birth, conscious evolution, and neuroplasticity.

Do you want to

* Bring your Baby in with imprints of safety, connection, love & true welcome?

* Expand your nervous system to embrace the changes that are coming?

* Get comfortable with the intensity of birth?

* Increase your capacity for pleasure and bliss, in preparation for ecstatic birth?

* Get to know and live from a place of inner strength?

* Better navigate the power play with care providers and well-meaning relatives?

Your baby is creating neural pathways as they grow, infusing in your experiences..

Yeah Baby, I love what I’m reading, I’m in!

Watch the gamechanging film,
Birth As We Know It

The Birth Into Being Method is not your average Prep for Pregnancy class.

It’s all about exploring the underbelly of your emotions, rewriting your story, and dancing with your soul as you prepare to birth.

Hello. I’m Nicole.

I’m an empath, artist, and long term seeker.
This work of supporting conscious evolution is the perfect culmination of my skills and life experience.

I am convinced that birth has the power to impact our lives
And I am compelled to do something about that for our species…

I help women approaching birth to access their inner strength and power. Which is required well before you’re in Labour Land, in the cultural and political climate of birth today.

Explore your own entry to life, the births of your children, and our collective relationship to birth.


Gift yourself with an ‘in-the-body’ experience of being conceived, gestated and born in love and ecstasy.

We need to, and we can, give birth beautifully ~ for ourselves, our babies, our culture.

Keeping our connective capacities intact, through gentle arrivals, is a vital step in working together to clean up the mess we have made so far.

Sounds idealistic and blissfull, right? Well, yep – that’s me, goin’ for gold!

Brave and powerful work. Through deep inner journeys, insightful sharing and transformational guided experiences, I was able to re-imagine a perfect emotional space for birth and growth.

Having walked a path of IVF conception over many difficult years, the time spent in this workshop with my Beloved has illuminated a new vision. The path is clearer now, more meaningful – and far more magical.

Byron Bay

Dynamic, playful, sensitive, deeply intuitive and so, so loving. I am still processing, finding many deep changes occurring with ease. Not only has the workshop helped me tremendously, but my relationship with my partner has also shifted into deeper love and understanding.

Julia Rossmanith
Fertility Assistant, Mayan Abdominal Therapist, The Nurtured Womb

How we birth our babies and how we were birthed, matters. This work truly creates change.

Glennie Feinsmith

Nicole is a very special lady with a talent for engaging her audience in an authentic and engaging way. Her pre-conference workshop and presentation as a keynote speaker at the Hypnobirthing Australia Annual Conference was a highlight for all!

Melissa Spilsted
Hypnobirth Australia

Ready to expand and transform in preparation for pregnancy or birth?

Keen to do the inner work required to own the experience?

Busting to bring your baby in with gentle, loving awareness, whilst accessing your fierce and powerful Mama Love?

You’ll love the depth and authenticity of what I have to offer.

If you want to explore birth as a portal to deep healing,

Birthing our Babies,

Our Selves,

Our Beautiful Future

Develop the tools of leadership, strength, and resilience so you can emotionally

prepare yourself for birth.

Your Next Birth ~ On Your Terms

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